The ULO Wealth Creator is a powerful education and technology platform for individuals that wish to learn how to leverage Internet, crowd funding, social rewards and cryptocurrency technology to generate lifetime, residual income.

Exploit the experience of leaders in cryptocurrency, forex trading, affiliate marketing, real-estate, blogging and network marketing to succeed. We provide you with the technology, education and marketing support you need to succeed including cloud-based software, consulting, ebooks, webinars, livestreams and podcasts.

We teach you the secrets to success, help you to build your online presence and then plug you into a rapidly expanding content distribution and collaborative, cooperative marketing network to promote your ULO-approved projects including your own branded online business.



The Wealth Creator includes six levels of learning. Enroll in our wealth creation courses, enlighten yourself, tell others about our programs and earn lucrative referral commissions while you learn.


Our amazing, affordable Level 1 course will teach you about the history of the Internet. Level 1 students get a basic understanding of the Internet and how individuals and businesses are leveraging its infrastructure to make money from the comforts of their home.


We teach you about crowd funding, webinars, affiliate marketing, network marketing, Internet marketing, Internet advertising, membership websites, content distribution and affiliate development. Once we have taught you the secrets to success, we provide you with the technology and marketing tools you need to implement our secrets. If you continue in the program and leverage what you have learned to launch a business we leverage our growing network of business partners and content distribution platform to help you to drive sales and grow your brand. To support your Level 1 Course, you are free to download the following ebooks and Powerpoint presentations:

  1. You Have Been Misguided
  2. You Have Been Convinced To Give Up Your Content & Personal Contacts For FREE
  3. Once Upon A Time Everyone Got Paid
  4. The Relationship Between Users and Websites Gets Corrupted
  5. The Deception Is Getting Worse
  6. You Have Been Convinced To Give Up Your Content & Recommendations For FREE
  7. There Is A Better Way - Social Networks, Media Companies & Other Brands Can Collaborate
  8. What Is The Alternative?
  9. How Are Business Models Changing?
  10. Introducing Social Entrepreneurism

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Now that you have understood the history of the Internet and the business rules that govern its success as outline in your Level 1 training, you can now begin to think about the different strategies you can implement to make money online.


This jam packed course is filled with key lessons you need to achieve success online including:

  1. How Google Has Embraced The Tenets That Drive The Early World Wide Web
  2. How Facebook Is Different From Google
  3. How Google Changed The Way Social Media Networks Operate
  4. Google Planted Seed For Creation Of New Industry
  5. An Introduction To Social Rewards Technology
  6. What Is Crowd Funding (It's History)?
  7. Good and Bad News About Crowd Funding
  8. How To Design and Implement A Successful Crowd Funding Campaign
  9. How To Enhance Crowd Funding With Social Rewards Technology
  10. Why Early Crowd Funding Portals Did Not Embrace Affiliate Marketing
  11. Crowd Funding Resources
  12. Nine Easy Ways To Make Money From Your Content
  13. Make Money Networking Online and Offline
  14. The Importance Of Collaborations

Once you have activated or completed this Course Module you can purchase a ULO socials VIP, Silver or Gold license. As a licensee you can introduce as many people as you like to the ULO Online Community and earn up to 30% commissions on your referrals. We will continue working with you to help you to develop online marketing success strategies.


Find additional funding sources for your business or career.

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Now that you have learned about the history of the Internet and the opportunities that exist to make money from the comforts of your home, you can now gain access to the info you need to leverage ULO's cloud-based platform to incubate your ideas.


In Level 3, you gain access to information you need to leverage ULO's cloud-based platform to incubate your ideas or branch out on your own by taking control of your brand.

  1. Learn how to use ULO to reduce the cost of running your own business.
  2. Learn how to get free or subsidized web hosting from ULO.
  3.  earn how you use ULO to generate sales leads, affiliate partners, collaboration partners and content partners.
  4. Leverage the power of the ULO Online Marketing Cooperative to generate sales leads, promote your business/webinars/seminars/affiliate links and monetize content distribution. 

While you are taking advantage of our free or subsidized business incubation services to validate your ideas, we will teach about the value of taking control of your brand including building your own website, designing your brand creative (logo, business cards, eflyers, etc), outsourcing design, programming and related business functions to local or offshore providers. Once you have made the decision to incubate or brand privately, you can leverage ULO's Online Marketing Cooperative to build your business.


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