In 2012, President Barack Obama signed the JOBS Act, making it possible for entrepreneurs in the United States to leverage crowd-funding to raise small-dollar investments from ordinary Americans. This new legislation was an extension of the already popular donations-based and perks based crowd funding systems made popular by online communities like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe.

At ULO Network, we leverage key elements of donations and perks-based crowd funding systems to help individuals to raise funds to finance personal or business projects. Specifically, we support three types of crowd funding campaigns:

Donations Based:

Indiegogo, Go-Fund Me or Kickstarter type donations based crowd funding campaigns where an unlimited number of people can support a specific project in return for perks.

Social Rewards (Affiliate) Based:

Individuals collaborate with thousands of social ambassadors and affiliates to network online and earn cash rewards, perks and business services in return for their online marketing activities and loyalty.

Team Collaborations:

Team-based crowd funding campaigns where teams of 15 or more people collaborate to support a specific project in return for perks, social rewards, business services and related prizes. With team-based crowd funding supporters can identify a specific project and agree to contribute a cash amount in return for business and consumer services delivered by ULO Network, Pamper Me Network and ULO Network partners.