Established in 2005, Opulence is Canada's largest designer fashion house dedicated to the design and manufacture of products that impact your life. The mission of Opulence is to provide you with optimum lifestyle, optimum beauty and optimum health.

In lifestyle, Opulence has revolutionized the fashion industry with new business paradigms along with its exclusive products. Whether you are searching for day to day accessories starting from $10 or leather goods and siledium pieces, Opulence have it all preloaded into your online shop.

In beauty, FERI Flawless raises the bar in the anti-aging skincare market. It has over 100 patents backing its premium grade raw materials. It is a professional grade regimen, ideal for all skin types, ages and genders who want to look and feel younger! FERI Flawless is so effective, its slogan is "give us 5 minutes and we will turn back the clock 5 years!"




Opulent living is no longer exclusive only to the most privileged; we provide an opportunity for everyone to achieve generational wealth. "If you have the WILL, we have the WAY! "



To create world class products, led by a unique opportunity to unleash our Opulence Global Partners' full potential, en route to living their opulent life.

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